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We are here to help companies like yours grow. You are probably looking for your own broad spectrum of opportunities, where you can fulfill your own expectations and business goals. But before you do, prepare yourself well, because a lonely journey into the unknown is risky. We can offer you professional support in the process of verification and establishing new business relations. Regardless of location and regardless of market, language, geographical, cultural or legal barriers. We will make sure that the database of your potential suppliers, customers, producers, wholesalers or products is up-to-date, and everything has been preceded by reliable market analysis – in accordance with the specificity of the industry in which you operate. Only that and as much as that at the same time.

We offer opportunities to:

  • reduce costs and simplify the process of doing business.
  • find new and more efficient suppliers.
  • find new markets for local products
  • find products that are missing from local markets
  • search for new ways for companies to grow, especially in times of crisis and unrest that damage entrepreneurship.

We see more

Our business experience shows that many companies looking for new growth opportunities face obstacles when establishing business relationships in foreign markets and find it difficult to find a reliable and proven partner, and even if they do find one, how to verify his credibility? How to check the status of our orders? How to organize transport? Do we get exactly what we expect every time? Sometimes it is communication barriers and long distance, and sometimes it is impossible to verify the contractor or assess his products or services in terms of quality. We are perfectly aware of the problems and dilemmas related to cost reduction and optimization related to business activities. We also know that searching for new suppliers who have a better offer is not easy and involves a lot of time and resources.

In addition, we see that both young and experienced entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities to bring products to new markets. Add to this the unfavorable economic climate, crises caused by social unrest, epidemics or the dynamics of change in the global market, and it becomes clear that exploring new, safer and more profitable avenues for growth is the only sensible solution. Especially since different parts of the world have different economic, cultural and economic conditions as well as standards and rules of conducting business.

What do we do?

Commercial cooperation between Europe and Vietnam

We are a group of specialists who have the right competences, capabilities and broad business contacts to provide real assistance to the B2B sector, regardless of the industry. Our main goal is to work with companies that would like to establish new international business relations with proven partners. Moreover, we are successively building and expanding a base of trusted business partners whom we can contact.

Of course, this is not all, as we are constantly working to make sure that our clients are always kept up to date with what they expect so that, whenever the need arises, they can receive a Research Market (market search) on the available development and search opportunities:

  • products or manufacturers,
  • potential customers for the offered products or services,
  • cheaper and more effective suppliers,
  • cheaper and better products,
  • products strictly according to the Employer’s specifications,
  • manufacturers willing to produce according to your specifications,
  • receptive markets for specific products or services,
  • promising markets with high growth potential.

Moreover, using our services, you can count on multi-level substantive and formal support, which consists of:

  • analysis, evaluation and verification of potential markets for specific products.
  • verification of current cooperation.
  • qualitative and quantitative verification of transactions carried out
  • comprehensive coordination and organization of transactions,

Upon request, we conduct commercial negotiations on behalf of the Client or provide the necessary assistance during such negotiations.

Additionally, we perform detailed audits of suppliers and the products they offer within the scope specified by our Customers. In order to ensure the highest quality of service we organize all formalities such as checking the contractor, agreeing on settlement methods or optimizing and organizing the delivery.

Thanks to KMH GLOBAL your company will enter a higher, global level of development – safely and effectively.

We look forward to working with you!


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